German Shepherds

Germelhaus Kennels has been breeding top working German Shepherds for 30 years. These dogs are out of some of the oldest and best known German working lines. Pups are suitable as pets, personal protection, Schutzhund, police K-9, AKC obedience, SAR, and narcotics detection dogs. Many have been placed with police departments in both the US and Canada. Blacks, black and red and sable are usually available. Germelhaus pups are known for their high drives and athletic ability. Pedigrees include combinations of West, Belgium and East German lines and are registered with AKC and USA/SV.

All Germelhaus brood bitches are owner titled and trained from a simple BH (companion dog) to SchH3 (top working dog). These females are carefully bred to produce the healthiest puppies. Parents are pre-certified for good hips and elbows, so each breeding is planned to provide the optimum genetics for HD free progeny. Socialization and puppy imprinting is begun at an early age making Germelhaus puppies easier to train.

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